By Ash Ktorou

Computer Owners Connected To The Internet Are Urged To Do This Today...

Is your PC running slow or unprotected? 

This simple method will tell you how to fix it.

Computer owners accross the U.S are turning to a new software solution that has gone viral this year. It's a new product that is designed to check for the latest viruses (Including the recent 'WannaCry' & 'Petya' viruses), prevent hackers accessing your information, and even helping remove unwanted software to speed up your performance.

If you live in the U.S and have a computer unprotected, not running how you like it or just want to protect yourself from the most recent threats, then this may be the most important article you read this year. 

Thousands of people across the U.S have rushed to claim this software that is instantly protecting PC users after recent press that malware is on the rise.

This Could Be A Game-Changer For Computer Owners 

The elite team of computer engineers that built this security tool believe it will be the last piece of software people need, with the ability to manage virus protection, computer speed, browsing security, files and even identity protection within a single app. 

The software uses a unique algorithm to scan your computer for hidden viruses, with anti-malware engines that are used by over 500million consumers. Whilst doing this it locates redundant or cached files, the unwanted files that make your system slow. 

The software can be used as an alternative for your antivirus, a way to reguarly clean your computer or just as an additional layer of security to keep you protected all-round. 

Product Manager, David, explains; "Our main objective for developing the application was simple. Over the past few months we've seen a quick rise in harmful threats, which most people have heard about on the news. Some antivirus products failed to protect their users, so we wanted to release an application that used a more advanced method of security, and at the same time help boost peoples performance. We believe with the right strategy, your personal computer can last years longer, ultimately saving you money."

He continues, "People already love our product and we decided to start giving away licenses for free so it can go viral. We feel good knowing we are helping scan for security threats and improving speed for our customers."

How Can I Claim a Free Copy?

If you own a computer and are connected to the internet, you are eligible for a free scan copy of Scanguard, a Windows approved antivirus. 

For convenience of our readers: Click Here For The Official Scanguard Website

A free copy of Scanguard will scan your system for threats, and items slowing down your computer. If Scanguard locates harmful threats, potentially dangerous tracking cookies, cached or redundant files you will be able to manually remove them from your system, or upgrade to Scanguard Premium to have the software remove them automatically, which we have been told they are offering a 50% discount until 19th January 2018. 

We recommend running a scan once every 7 days, to ensure your system is safe from threats and running at it's best performance. 

Once you have downloaded the software, you will be eligible for a free copy on up to 3 devices, including your Tablet & Smartphone. 

For convenience of our readers, the following hyperlink will take you through to claim your copy of Scanguard: Visit The Official Scanguard Website


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