By Jerry Toms
Internet Security Writer

Every Computer Owner Needs This Simple Protection In 2018...

Keeping your family secure online starts with the basics – you HAVE to protect your devices.

With the rise in data breaches and high-profile computer hacks, many or us in the US no longer feel safe.

After all, there’s no point paying for a firewall or antivirus system that doesn’t work – we’ve all heard horror stories about computer users being held ransom for their private photos and documents, or hackers that simply want to steal your bank details.

Thankfully, the solution is here.

Security Suites - What are they?

Many people have never heard of a Security Suite, but they're already revolutionising the way Americans browse the web, with millions of people making the jump from traditional antivirus providers to more advanced security suites. 

Put simply, a Security Suite is a comprehensive application that protects your computer, tablet and smartphone from all types of cyber threats online. 

Secure browsing protection, Real-Time Antivirus, Identity Theft Protection, Backup and Restore, and even Speed Optimization Tools - a security suite is everything you need to protect all your family & devices. 

Even better, with Security Suites gaining so much popularity following the recent rise in mainstream cyber threats, some providers are offering their software free, in an attempt to dominate a competitive market.

Do You Need This Protection?
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What do they do?

Unlike a traditional antivirus provider, a security suite monitors every aspect of your digital devices seamlessly in real-time to ensure you remain free from any type of threat. The identity theft protection feature will even monitor your credit and medical reports to make sure none of your personal information is being used on the black market. 

That means if you frequently use a computer, tablet or smartphone and browse the web, you can be 100% in control of who accesses your files and personal data. That's more crucial than you think, especially given the recent data breaches and ransomware viruses.

Think about it. Imagine you opened your laptop or smartphone one morning to a message saying your personal data had been stolen, or your identity had been copied and used to steal money from your online banking - not having the right protection can cause more problems than you think.

 “…Forget traditional Antivirus software, Security Suites give you complete protection against ransomware, hackers, malware and identity theft…" 

What's the best deal?

More and more consumers are replacing their original antivirus software with the more modern Security Suite technology, and with it becoming a competitive market the most successful providers are fighting for customer market share. Whilst it's great that there are so many options to choose from, it also makes it difficult to choose which provider to go for, especially when you know how important having the right protection is. 

Luckily, a #1 Security Suite provider just announced that they are offering free copies to qualifying customers, in an awareness campaign to prove how important this modern protection really is. 

Who do we recommend?

ScanguardTM is one of the most popular Security Suite providers in the USA, with a security engine that is already being used by over 500million devices - They have just announced they are offering a free trial to qualifying customers. You can download their security suite from the official website - By Clicking Here.

Once you have installed the Scanguard Security Suite, you will be able to test out all of the features and see just how important using a full Security Suite is. If you like what you see, you will be able to upgrade to the premium protection package for a discounted rate of $19, and then activate the service on all your devices.

UPDATE: Scanguard™ has recently partnered with Experian to enhance their identity theft and credit report protection.

Here's how you claim your copy: 

Step 1: Visit the official Scanguard website here to claim your free copy.  
Step 2: Activate the approved security suite on your devices

You will quickly see the importance of using an advanced security suite. If you like what you see, we recommend you upgrade to a premium protection package, you can keep using the free version which will detect threats, but once you upgrade to the premium package you will be able to add the suite to all of your devices and have full protection on the go, including SMS and email alerts if any threats are detected. 

To claim a copy of the Scanguard Security Suite - You Can Click Here.