By Jerry Toms
Internet Security Writer

Computer Owners Urged to Check They Are Using a Trusted Antivirus Provider...

There are hundreds of antivirus providers out there, and it’s hard to know which few you can really trust. Here’s how to check what provider you should be using.

A final push is being made to help consumers check they are protected from the rise in internet banking fraud and identity theft. Many are surprised when they find out their antivirus may not be a trusted and approved provider.

It is believed that many antivirus providers have failed to protect consumers from recent internet banking fraud and other ransomware threats.

With 2018 potentially becoming the worst year in history for online threats, computer owners need to take a few extra minutes to make sure they are protected.

In an attempt to help consumers check they are using a trusted provider, the official Antivirus Quiz is running a free awareness campaign which can help check and recommend the most trusted and suitable antivirus provider.

How Do I Check Which Provider I Should Use?

If you are a computer owner connected to the internet, we recommend you take a quick security quiz to check you are using a safe and approved antivirus provider.

Step 1: Select your age below to get started…
Step 2: Answer a few questions on the next page to check recommended providers.

We are unsure how long The Antivirus Quiz will be offering this free check so are advising consumers to claim this today.