By Jerry Toms
Internet Security Writer

People Are Taking Advantage Of This Free Virus Scan. Want to know why?

This simple method will show you how to claim yours.

Find out why you need to take advantage now. 

Millions of people have been rushing to claim a new computer security scan, after computer virus outbreaks increase – find out why.

The recent rise in malware attacks has left millions of people wanting to go that extra step to protect their personal & family devices.

Last month, a harmful virus called ‘WannaCry’ attacked the British National Health Service (NHS), as well as over 300,000 computers across 150 countries.

We’ve also saw over 10 million smartphone devices attacked by an Android virus, hidden in trusted Google Play Store applications.

Here’s why you should keep reading…

Renowned developers have now teamed up with advanced software application, Scanguard™ to offer free computer security check-ups to the public.

David A, Product Manager, from Scanguard explains; “Our main objective for launching the free computer scan was simple, we wanted our software to go viral as fast as possible. By offering free computer scans it gives us enough reach to analyse the various strains of malware quicker than other antivirus products in the market.”

You can check if ther free security check-up is still available here

He continues; “Since launching this free security scan to the public, it has allowed us to drastically improve our antimalware infrastructure. We also teamed up with a leading antimalware company, that has been in the industry since 1986 and has the reach of over 500 million computers. We believe offering this free version of our product will help us take virus protection to a new level.”

Here is why you should consider claiming this security check up in 2017:

       At any one time, a 3rd of the population are infected by malware

       Malware can run in the background undetected and unseen
       Only 4 out of 15 tested Antivirus products detected the recent ‘WannaCry’ virus

But this is why you should claim a security check-up today...

        The Scanguard™ Security Scan is an approved Windows application

        You’ll be contributing to fighting new virus’s if something is detected

        Scanguard™ doesn’t bombard you with ads, they just want to fight viruses

        It only takes a few minutes to run the entire security check

      ​  Scanguard™ will monitor your computer in real-time for future threats

We are advising users to act fast whilst this free computer check-up is available, even if you think that you are safe or already have an antivirus installed.

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