By Jerry Toms
Internet Security Writer

Do you own a PC? Have you tried this computer security scan?

This simple method will show you how.

Act fast though to prevent your personal information being affected.

You could have a hidden virus on your computer without knowing – which could be accessing your personal information in the background.

According to The Telegraph, over 300,000 computers have been effected by the recent WannaCry virus, including the British National Health Service. 

What is this virus? Why is it a problem?

Hackers have been spreading a ‘ransomeware’ virus called WannaCry, also known as WanaCrypt0r 2.0.

Once your computer has been affected, It locks up your files and encrypts them in a way you can no longer access them, until you send the cybercriminals up to $600 in a bitcoin transaction.

You may be infected with a similar virus without knowing - if you haven’t yet done this.

Cybersecurity Ventures have said that ransomware damage costs will exceed $5 billion in 2017, up from $325 million in 2015.

A UK based research firm tested 15 antivirus products, only three were capable of blocking the ransomware virus.

So now it’s really time to check your computer is not already infected
How do I check if my computer is infected?

You could of course manually go through your computer registry and check for any suspicious files, then find a way to remove the virus if you find it.

This could take hours.

For example, do you know how to open your registry files?

Worse still, this could go seriously wrong if done incorrectly.

Or you could just run a free computer security scan with Scanguard™.

Running a security scan will:

       Check your system for hidden viruses (Including WannaCry)

       Check for anything slowing down your computer

But that’s not it…

       It only takes a few minutes to get started

       It’s completely free to run a security scan

       You won’t be bombarded with popups or ads

       It will monitor your computer in real-time for future threats

Don’t forget it’s important you check as soon as possible.

Thousands of people have been infected by the recent cyberattacks and had to pay up to $600 to reclaim their personal data. You could have a virus undetected on your computer.

With the rise in cyberattacks you need to check your computer today.

After all, you could prevent you having to buy a new computer or save your family photos. Isn’t 5 minutes of your time worth it?

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