By Jerry Toms
Internet Security Writer

1 Reason Why Every US Citizen Should Have an Identity Protection Policy...

The average identity theft victim loses $7,761...

Are you protected? 

Find Out The Surprising Reason Why A Rising Number of People Are Opting for Identity Protection and Insurance Policies.

Thousands of consumers across the US have now opted for Identity Protection and Insurance Policies, which has grown in popularity over recent years. Going back 10 years, identity protection didn’t exist. So what’s changed?
Firstly, what is Identity Protection and why do you need it? 2 in 5 americans experience identity theft. Having Identity Protection will provide constant monitoring of your personal data and credit reports, insure your personal funds and provide restoration support in case you ever become a victim.
In 2016 identity theft was reported to be the fastest growing crime in the United States, with the average victim losing $7,761 in financial losses.  
In recent months, a popular provider has grown huge popularity, offering full protection plans for as little as $5 in a promotion that could end soon.
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Identity insurance can protect you or your family members from identity theft. Anyone that has experienced identity theft will tell you how important it is to have protection.
For a small monthly fee, identity protection can:

  1. Protect your personal funds from theft in the event your identity is compromised
  2. Provide real-time alerts of changes in your personal credit or medical records
  3. Cover expensive legal fees for restoring your identity if it’s ever stolen
  4. Monitor your personal information real-time online and in the black-market
  5. Monitor criminal records and ensure crimes aren’t be committed in your name
  6. Alert you of new loans or credit cards issued under your identit 

Taking out identity protection is extremely easy and inexpensive - especially when you think about the heartbreak it could cause if you were left to deal with Identity theft alone. Get a quote from LifeProtect in just a few minutes and your information is kept private. As you are simply requesting a quote, there is no obligation at all.
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