By Ash Ktorou

Do you own a computer? Is it running slow or unprotected?

This simple method will help you fix it.

Act fast though whilst this is still available.

Millions of PC users across the U.S have been rushing to claim a new computer scan after the recent malware attacks. The scan is said to locate any harmful viruses on your PC that may be a threat to your personal information, or slowing down your system.

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If you live in the U.S and have a computer computer that needs protecting, or just not running how you like it, then we advise you to keep reading.

Millions of people accross the U.S have already claimed this free computer check-up, designed to help locate any undetected threats and items slowing down your computer.

The recent rise in malware attacks has left consumers wanting to go that extra step to protect their personal & family devices.

Here you can see how it works…

David A, Product Manager, from Scanguard explains; “Our main objective for launching the free computer scan was simple, we wanted our software to go viral as fast as possible. By offering free computer scans it gives us enough reach to analyse the various strains of malware quicker than other antivirus products in the market, and we also help improve performance on computers running slow.”

You can check if the free computer check-up is still available here

He continues; “Since launching this free scan to the public, it has allowed us to drastically improve our antimalware infrastructure. We also teamed up with a leading antimalware company, that has been in the industry since 1986 and has the reach of over 500 million computers. We believe offering this free version of our product will help us take virus protection and optimization to a new level.”

Running a security scan will:

       Check your system for hidden viruses (Including WannaCry)

       Check for anything slowing down your computer

But that’s not it…

       It only takes a few minutes to get started

       It’s completely free to run a security scan

       You won’t be bombarded with popups or ads

       It will monitor your computer in real-time for future threats

Don’t forget it’s important you check as soon as possible.

To check for hidden malware or boost performance, scan your computer today.

After all, you could prevent you having to buy a new computer or save your family photos. Isn’t 5 minutes of your time worth it?

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