By Jerry Toms
Internet Security Writer

(clone) Take Action: Computer owners urged to run new scan after recent virus attacks…

What’s happening?

  • Over 300,000 people were affected by the recent ‘WannaCry’ ransomware
  • The British National Health service was a victim of ‘WannaCry’
  • The ‘WannaCry’ virus locks your computer demanding $600 to retrieve files
  • A new virus called ‘Petya’ was found this week exploiting the same vulnerability
  • UK Parliament hit by cyber-attack as hackers attempt to access MP emails
  • Only 4 out of 15 Antivirus products tested prevented the new virus's
  • Computer owners urged to act fast and check for hidden malware

How do I check If my computer is infected?

Renowned computer security provider, Scanguard™, has teamed up with certified developers to release a free computer security scan*.

Act fast though whilst they are still offering free computer check-ups.

Remember… if you don’t check your computer, you may become a victim.

Check if you are elegible for a computer security check:

What operating system do you currently have on your computer? 

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